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family tree maker

Beautiful Family Tree

family tree builder

We believe your family tree is a work of art. Our innovative family tree builder is your way to collaborate with your family to create a beautiful and artistic family tree of your very own.

Customise your creation with your own photos and choose one of our specially designed themes to make your tree as individual and unique as your own family.

Invite your family to make your living family tree a digital family heirloom that is constantly evolving.

Your family tree is completely private on Famberry, only you and your family can see your tree. We do not make your tree available to search engines. We do not limit the amount of family members that you can add and we do not charge you to see information that you have added or any other unethical behaviour for that matter.

Family Photo Albums

Don't just store your photos - share them with your family. Up to 2 gigabytes of free storage for your whole family to share and preserve precious family photos.

Tag, organise, search and share your photos with your whole family using digital photo albums. Easily access the original versions of all your photos which can be downloaded by invited family members at any time.

Family Social Network

Some things you only want to share with your family. Keep your family messages away from prying eyes on your very own private family social network.

Send baby photos, organise family reunions, plan birthday parties and weddings all in complete privacy. You can send to the whole family or specific family members in a special place, just for your family messages.


Fill in the names, places and dates of relatives on your family tree and we will check your whole tree against the UK Government official list of unclaimed inheritances. We’ll notify you automatically if we find a match with anyone in your family tree on the official list.

Recruit your relatives to help you maintain your family tree to ensure that it is as up to date as possible. Your family tree could be worth more than you think.

All the information on your tree is completely private, so only you and your family members can see the information that is entered.

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